Building the Kegerator

How big does the fridge / freezer need to be?


Height: In order to ensure enough clearance at the top I recommend selecting a fridge with at least 65cm clearance.

Width:  25cm will do but be sure to account for the ledge that is often found at the back when purchasing.

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Why is my CO2 leaking or my gas isn't flowing?

Make sure of the following:

  • There is a washer on each side of the sodastream adapter.
  • You have used tools to tighten the regulator and adapter.
  • The adapter has screw been screwed in.

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How do I avoid hitting refrigeration lines

It is important to know that any damage to a refrigeration line will kill your fridge. To avoid this:

  • Adopt the "dig before drilling approach"
  • Use a chest freezer

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Using the Kegerator

Where can I go to get my keg filled up?

Brew 2 You is always on the lookout for more locations where you can get your keg filled.

Check out our instagram page @brew2youau and the "Fill Up" tab for an updated list of locations.

How long will my keg of beer last?

The main factors that will effect how long a keg of beer lasts are:

  • Exposure to oxygen
  • Bacteria
  • Temperature

As a general rule 3-4 months is the point at which you'd want to look at cleaning it out.

How long will my gas last?

A general rule for gas consumption is 6g/L for carbonation and 6g/L for dispensing the drink. A Sodastream canister contains 400g of CO2 which therefore provides.

~3.5 Kegs of carbonated beer per Sodastream canister.

Can I connect to a commercial 50L Keg?

We only provide the couplers (adapters) to connect to the 19L & 9L Cornie Keg as it is generally difficult to fit anything larger into a bar fridge.

To connect up a commercial keg you would require one of a number of alternate couplers.

Why is my drink foamy?

There are a number of reasons your drink may be foamy, I have listed a few of them below:

  • Unsettled after moving
  • Over-carbonated
  • Dispensing pressure is too high
  • Poor pouring Technique
  • Temperature
  • Beer line length
  • Dirty beer lines

Check out a more comprehensive article here


Do you rent Kegerators?

Not at this stage but we are looking into it in the near future.

If you are located in Perth, Western Australia we may be able to make arrangements. Reach out to us at

Do you sell Multi-Taps?

Not at this stage as we find it is generally difficult to fit more than one keg in a standard bar fridge.

Can I mount this to a bar?

Short answer is yes. Using insulation you should be able to travel a short distance between fridge and bar. The a number of factors effecting the success of this, expect an article soon.

Do we sell with the fridge?

Not at this stage but if you are located in Perth, Western Australia we may be able to make arrangements. Reach out to us at

Are we looking to ship elsewhere?

NZ watch this space... otherwise send through a message and we can try help source a kit in your location.

Any more Questions?