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Tips When Drilling

The most difficult task when assembling your Kegerator is drilling the holes for your fountain. This can prove tricky as it is often difficult to locate the exact position of the refrigerator line and drilling into them can result in irreparable damage.


Below I have created a list of tips and tricks to use when undertaking the drilling process:

  • Chest Fridge / Freezer are generally safe to drill into. Check the hinges to ensure that refrigerator lines do not run through.
  • If using a front opening fridge, carefully remove the inner plastic lining and adopt a "dig and see" approach using a screwdriver or something similar to carefully remove foam in an attempt to expose the gas lines.
  • If you are opposed to damaging your fridge or are science inclined have a go at creating the corn starch and alcohol paste as per this video: which once smeared on the fridge will highlight the location of the refrigerator lines.
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