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Selecting a Fridge for your Kegerator

Selecting an appropriate fridge is probably the most difficult part of the building process. Here is some key information to account for when selecting your fridge.

Refrigeration Lines

These are the most difficult thing to account for, but no purchase/drill should occur until reviewed appropriately. Refer to the "Tips When Drilling" dropdown for the information you should know.


Below is a diagram displaying the dimensions of a 19L keg.

Height: In order to ensure enough clearance at the top I recommend selecting a fridge with at least 65cm clearance.

Width:  25cm will do but be sure to account for the ledge that is often found at the back when purchasing.


Avoid Top Shelf

Fridges with a top shelf can sometimes be removed. When they are fixed they will prevent you from running your tap through the roof into the fridge.

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