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Used vs New

My recommendation is always to look for a used fridge before a new fridge for a number of reasons however I have advantages and disadvantages of both below:


I recommend purchasing used as it is more environmentally friendly and even with the risk of damaging refrigeration lines, the cost is limited.

Where to Purchase? 

  • Gumtree
  • Facebook Marketplace
  • Verge-side collection


  • Price - You should be able to find one for ~ $50 on online marketplace platforms.
  • Recycling - Its great to be up-cycling old items collecting dust.


  • Risk of breakdown - If this happens kit can alway be disassembled and attached to another fridge
  • No product manual - Product manual can sometimes assist you in locating refrigeration lines.
  • Takes time to find the right option - looking for a fridge at the right price point with the right dimensions can be difficult


If you have a big budget to play with it may be worth going to a site that can provide you a pre made Kegerator. 

Where to purchase

  • The options for suitable new fridges for Kegerators tend to be somewhat limited at a competitive price. You can head to your local white-good store and see what they have to offer. A chest fridge/freezer is alway a safe bet.


  • Reliability - Although you will lose your warranty when drilling into the fridge, you can be sure that the electronics are working as new.
  • Convenience - Can buy as soon as you like and pick from a number of options


  • Cost
  • Top Shelf - New fridges often come with a top shelf which can impede your ability to run beer line through.
  • Risk of damage - There is always a risk of damaging the fridge when drilling and there is a large cost associated when buying brand new
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